Round 6 of the 2022 Classic MX Wales Championship. Enter online (below) or via post using the download form.

Solo rider and sidecar driver details
AMCA or Welsh Championship Riding Number
AMCA Classic or Modern License Number; enter 0 if no license held and day license required.
Sidecar drivers select Sidecars for your 1st class; you can select a solo bike in 2nd class
Make and model of machine
In cc numbers only
Year of manufacture
Sidecar drivers select Sidecars for your 1st class; you can select a solo bike in 2nd class
£1.00 of the entry fee is to cover online banking charges and is non-refundable. Same cost as the first-class stamp for a postal entry
Select the items you need; if you don't have an AMCA license you need to select a day licence. Licenses will be checked at the event.
Declaration: Motor racing can be dangerous and may involve serious injury or death. You must read and agree to the following declaration which is designed to create a legally binding relationship in order for you to enter and compete. I confirm that the machine (s) entered by me comply with AMCA Classic Rules. 1. I confirm that the information in this entry form and the information and my acceptance of the terms of my licence are correct. 2. I confirm that I understand the nature of the competition and I am competent to take part 3. I confirm that the vehicles I use will comply with the regulations and will be safe and fit for use in competition. 4. Before taking part in the event I will ensure (unless prohibited) that I have inspected the venue, track and the facilities and geographical features and that I am satisfied that it is safe to compete 5. I will not take part if I have any doubt about my ability or the safety of the venue 6. I accept that the completion in motor sport may involve the risk of injury or death and I agree to take part at my own risk 7. Before taking part in the event I read and be bound by and comply with general regulations and my supplemental and final instructions issued by the AMCA, the organisers, the circuit owners and the regulatory body. 8. I will not participate whilst under the influence of alcohol or intoxicating drugs and that if I am taking any prescribed medication I will inform the event organisers and seek approval before taking part.
£ 0.00


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